LAVIGI Crystal - luxury and uniqueness in every drop of perfume

An unforgettable plume tells more about you than you do

Niche perfumes - the art of creating fragrances with unique notes and a special disclosure on each skin. A designer bottle is an extension of the composition, conveying its history and character. Designer perfumes, like other works of art, find their admirers among the true connoisseurs of creativity.

The company creates designer fragrances and produces niche perfumes. All components are carefully selected and tried on to each other, so that the composition corresponds to the author's idea. LAVIGI Crystal Floral-Eastern fragrance consists of dozens of components. All of them are holistically intertwined and harmoniously pass from one to another.

5 principles of LAVIGI success

 Fragrances from star perfumers. One of the first LAVIGI compositions      created   in co-authorship with Nathalie Feisthauer - the creator of the world famous hits Lancome Hypnose, Versace Blonde and other works. The oils are prepared and bottled in France in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

 Designer bottle. The bottle is made at a traditional glass factory. Vladislav  Aschenbrenner's inventions are patented and protected by the trademark.

 Natural raw materials. High-quality organic oils with no synthetic substances.

 Quality and safety. Certified by IFRA (International Perfumery Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

 Unbridled passion. The embodiment of a dream to create a perfume that leaves a trail of luxury, sophistication and unforgettable memories, like a first kiss.

Scents are closely linked to emotions, they can transport to the past and trigger a wave of nostalgia. "A fragrance is like a labyrinth of memories, and only one of them will tell you the right path," says V. Aschenbrenner. The company plans to release new pieces every year, as well as limited edition fragrances.


LAVIGI - a reflection of the spirit of modernity

The company honors timeless values - love, family relationships, cultural traditions, charity, and environmental preservation. At the same time we are close to the high-speed rhythm of digital life, innovation, assertiveness and ambition.

"Our generation wants to take risks, make unconventional decisions, follow dreams and find an infinite number of opportunities to make them come true. LAVIGI combines centuries-old traditions and a variety of modern forms. The uniqueness of the personality and the fragrances we create lies in this harmonic interweaving. - Vladislav Aschenbrenner, founder of the company."

Family as the foundation of business

The history of the LAVIGI cosmetics company began in 2008. That's what the name implies:
 - the first two letters of the city of Langenhagen, the small homeland of the company's founder.
 - the first two letters of the name of the founder's daughter, Violetta.
 - the 4th and 5th letters of the founder's second daughter Virginia.
The commitment to family traditions is reflected in the company's label, where the 4 "V" encodes the first letters of the names of the founder Vladislav, his wife Vera, and the two daughters Violetta and Virginia.
The company lovingly creates heritage and fragrances, capable of keeping in memory the most precious emotions and vivid impressions of the changeable and rapid life.

LAVIGI - your special status

Niche perfumery is all about individuality, the emphasis on your selectivity and the inspiration you get through a fragrance. Surround yourself with an aura of mystery, unique combinations and unique moods. Give yourself and those around you the chance to enjoy the work of a true master perfumer. Add LAVIGI fragrance to your collection.

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