Gold Diamond


A luxurious masterpiece with an exquisite composition of citrus, floral and woody notes reminiscent of the coastal gardens of the Mediterranean.
A magnificent glow of angelic light fused with other dazzling ingredients that draw attention to your absolute perfection. Mysterious, elegant and enigmatic, this perfume guards the secrets of the yellow diamond.

The bottle is made of the purest crystal with an accent of 24-karat gold.





Five times the almighty God forgave the archangel Lucifer, but he turned against the forces of light and became jealous of mankind. How could you, archangel, son of the sunrise, lower yourself so far? With every beat of your wings you blew the sails of ships carrying delicious spices and fruits. They carried your blessings to distant lands. Each of your movements promised years of happiness and prosperity on earth. And every breath you took filled the world with unadulterated freshness.
At sunset, the sun reminds us of your strength and beauty – the strength of a cedar that bends in no storm. Falling deep into the earth, your angelic splendor did not fade. It turned into a diamond of amazing yellow hue. The jewel has forever preserved the brilliance and power of the one who once illuminated the earth.


The word “diamond”, translates from Greek as “invincible” or “sparkling”.
The yellow diamond is a stone of great energetic power. Since ancient times, it has been believed. The color gold makes the wearer bolder, more determined, and brings success that makes one dizzy.  The mineral tames passionate fantasies, looseness, protects the owner from vices, bad influences, the evil eye, and spoilage.

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